Virtualize Your Infrastructure: The Benefits of IaaS

When it comes to hosting, the cloud is everywhere. With so many companies offering different services in the cloud, how do you know where to start or which cloud service is best for you? If you need a scalable, virtualized environment in the cloud, and you need it managed by someone else, start with an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). But first, let’s explore IaaS and what it really means to utilize cloud computing as an infrastructure.

What is IaaS?

The IaaS model of cloud-based computing services is the most basic model. An IaaS provider offers virtual machines and often servers, networks, or IP addresses to the client on-demand, and from the IaaS provider’s data centers, in the form of a virtual cloud infrastructure. In the IaaS model, a virtual cloud infrastructure consisting of multiple virtual machines, is run by a piece of software called a hypervisor, and has the capability to scale services up and down at any time depending on the needs of the client.

With the IaaS model, the client installs the operating system and any software onto the virtual cloud infrastructure. However, the running and maintenance of the infrastructure is entirely handled by the IaaS provider. The IaaS provider keeps the virtual system running and updated while the client only has to maintain the operating system and software. This leaves the client with more time to spend working on other aspects of their organization.

IaaS Providers at HostingCon 2013

Interested in learning more about moving to a cloud infrastructure, or IaaS? Several IaaS providers will be exhibiting at HostingCon 2013 to showcase their virtual cloud infrastructure services. Cloud environment experts from several leading companies can help you decide which IaaS is best for you. The exhibitor list is growing every day, but here’s a little preview of the IaaS services you can expect to see at HostingCon 2013.

Phoenix NAP’s Secured Cloud has an easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes switching to a cloud-based infrastructure a breeze for anyone. Phoenix NAP has also partnered with VMware to create a virtual infrastructure using their vSphere Hypervisor. The vSphere’s premier isolation techniques provide for a more secure virtualization environment. The Secured Cloud also has a point-and-click firewall system that can be customized to make sure your information is secure.

SoftLayer’s CloudLayer offers both public and private cloud instances as well as a bare-metal cloud that does not include a hypervisor. What sets them apart is their one-of-a-kind Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) server option. SoftLayer’s BYOC allows you to customize every aspect of your public cloud server from data center location, cores, RAM, storage space and location, operating system, as well as some OS-specific add-ons to best fit your business needs. CloudLayer servers can also be easily integrated with other types of SoftLayer servers so that your entire computing environment can run as seamlessly as possible.

Want to know more about Phoenix NAP, SoftLayer, and other leading IaaS providers? Check out the HostingCon 2013 exhibitor list now, and then come see them in person in Austin this June! Early bird registration deals are still going on now, so hurry up and register if you haven’t already.

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