What to Expect from HostingCon 2013

As we get close to the end of 2012, work is well underway for HostingCon 2013, which is scheduled to take place in June in Austin, Texas. Registration is open, we are actively soliciting speaking submissions and working with our advisory board to identify the  subjects and speakers that will be of the most benefit to the hosting business.

The City and the Venue

Personally, I’m thrilled that we’re heading back to Austin. I think it’s a great town to travel to, and it’s one of my favorite HostingCon venues from the last few years. Just like in 2010, the event will be taking place at the Austin Convention Center, which I think was one of the best-situated and best-equipped sites for the show that I’ve seen.

The layout of the facility is great. The proximity of things like the keynote space, the session rooms and the exhibit hall are all great, and the convention center itself is really close to several nearby hotels, which, if I recall, is a very good thing, because Austin has the potential to be extremely warm (from a Canadian perspective, anyway).

And, of course, the fact that he conference is in Austin opens up the potential for all kinds of awesome sponsor-created (or, sure, impromptu and disorganized) evening entertainment around Austin’s extremely entertaining downtown space, which includes the super fun entertainment district around 6th street.

Along with the sponsored events, you can rest assured we’re working to make sure the official HostingCon entertainment is something special as well.

The Program

As always, the educational program is the heart of HostingCon. As I mentioned earlier in the post, we’ve just started putting together the program for this year’s event, but it remains our mission to make each year’s HostingCon program the best that the event, and the hosting industry, has ever seen.

The program is a collaboration between the HostingCon staff, our advisory board, the prospective speakers who submit proposals to the event and the attendees, who help us to select the best sessions. As always, we’ll be opening up the session proposals for voting among the attendees, but we’ll also be creating opportunities for attendees to submit requests for content they’d like to see. No need to wait for the official call, though. Let us know why you go to HostingCon, and let us know what you’d like to see in the program. Leave a comment on this post.

As I said, we’re only beginning to build the program now, but we’ll be building it around four main tracks, each of which represents a kind of pillar of running a hosting business: Sales and Marketing, Technology, Business Development and Industry Trends. The objective is that, whatever role you play within a hosting organization, there will be something really worth watching at any given point in the schedule.

There are a few basic principles by which we’re going to be building out this program. First of all, while there is of course a lot of value in ideas, we want every session in the program to include practical value – things you can take away from the session and apply to your business immediately. Secondly, we’re going to place a lot of value on deep expertise – it will be our goal to get the experts on any given subject in front of attendees in every session. We’re also going to place a lot of emphasis on panel discussions and case studies.

And once again, this is your conference. If there’s something you want to see, and that includes formats, please let us know.

Networking and Community

Possibly the biggest reason people attend HostingCon is to make contact with peers, meet with existing and prospective partners, establish new relationships, share ideas, and all the other pieces of the in-person networking environment.

We’re continuing to develop tools and environments to make networking more productive. In recent years we launched our HostingCon Connect service, and we’re continuing to develop that tool as a means of getting in touch and setting up meetings. We’re also exploring ways to introduce new events, new concepts and physical spaces into the show that will better facilitate in-person networking.

Once again, if there’s anything you really want to see at HostingCon, please let us know.

Our Sponsors and Exhibitors

I’ll keep this simple, because I’m venturing into a weird kind of promoting-the-advertising area here. But, one of the big reasons people come to HostingCon is to make connections with the vendors and services that can either support their businesses, or

We’re looking at new ways to make sure the exhibit hall is a great experience this year, and trying some new ideas around making it easier and more productive for attendees to interact with sponsors and exhibitors.

All in, we’re doing everything we can think of to make HostingCon 2013 the best HostingCon yet. Personally, I’m looking forward to working with our advisors and attendees to make sure this happens.

Look for lots more content on the HostingCon blog as we continue to build out the structure and the program during the next six or seven months in the lead-up to the event.

See you in Austin!

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