Enabling ISVs To Go SaaS with Hosted Infrastructure as a Service Solutions

The following is a post by William Toll of NaviSite who has organized a panel at HostingCon 2010 entitled “Enabling ISVs To Go SaaS with Hosted Infrastructure as a Service Solutions” on Tuesday, July 20th, at 2:00pm.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) or Software On-Demand, revolution is in full swing now. There is no denying that the majority of software will be delivered through the Web. Hosting providers stand to benefit from this revolution in bigger numbers than ever before. Gartner predicts that the SaaS market will reach $8.8 billion in 2010 http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1385813

Whether the ISV/SaaS provider and their end-customers select traditional managed dedicated hosting or managed cloud services, ISVs are looking for guidance. Hoster’s need to provide assistance to ISVs in this transition whether the assistance includes architectural guidance (Single Tenant, Multi-Instance, Multi-Tenant), Network and Application layer security, monitoring and metering, billing or much more. On top of all the technical aspects of the transition, ISVs are faced with the business and financial challenge of moving from on-premise, perpetually licensed software agreements to recurring agreements with SLAs.

What are you doing as a host or a vendor to the hosting industry, to be a part of SaaS transition?

HostingCon 2010 looks to be not only biggest year yet, but the highest quality in terms of the topic and speaker agenda they have put together. I am privileged to have been able to bring together many of the leading SaaS experts and a NaviSite customer for a panel where we will discuss the state of SaaS and the Hosting Industry and the opportunity for hoster’s in the coming years.

Joining myself -William Toll, Sr. Director of Marketing, NaviSite, – http://www.navisite.com are Alex Davis, CTO – WorkPlace Systems (A leading SaaS Application and NaviSite Hosting Customer) http://www.workplacesystems.com/ Anders Trolle-Schultz – http://www.saas-it.net/ , Trina Horner – Microsoft Strategy/Channel Development, ISV Hosting Partner, Channel Communications Sector US http://www.microsoft.com/hosting/en/us/programs/incubationcenter.aspx Jeff Kaplan http://www.thinkstrategies.com/ Lincoln Murphy Managing Director, http://sixteenventures.com/blog/ Justin Pirie, SasS Analyst and Blogger http://www.justinpirie.com/

Register for HostingCon 2010 Now and attend this session!

Register for HostingCon 2010 Now!

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