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What is Your Exit Strategy?

Speaker: Jad Jebara, Tuangru, President & CEO

As AWS ploughs its way through the race to the bottom on cloud prices, a boutique hosting provider must make a choice–do you want to control your own fate or leave it to chance? This session covers how to maximize your company's valuation–as a multiple of EBITDA–in preparation of becoming an attractive acquisition target. Jad Jebara is the former SVP, Finance & Administration at PEER 1, which was recently acquired for $526M by Cogeco Cable.

Questions Answered

1. How small and mid-size hosting providers can compete on a levelled playing field with the big players – Rackspace, AWS, Google and Azure. 2. How to optimize CapEx and OpEx spend levels to improve and protect EBITDA. 3. The industry is consolidation. Many small/mid hosting providers want to position themselves for acquisition at maximum value - multiple of EBITDA. Answers on how to action that. See blog post for more details on topic:

Cloud Software Trends

Speaker: Salim Lakhani, WebEnabled, President & CEO

A discussion about where the demand is in cloud software, what customers are asking for, and where do you see public and private clouds going over the next few years. [expanded description can be provided later]

Questions Answered

1) where is the cloud software demand coming from? hosting companies? enterprises? 2) what are the hosting company's pain points 3) what are enterprise customer's pain points 4) what's the ROI in cloud software? 5) has the NSA events impacted adoption etc. [more questions will be added to this list later]

M&A For the Under $25 million Crowd

Speaker: Tom Millitzer, NCC International, President

The buzz is the big transactions but what if my deal is less than $25 million? Not only is raising money a task, finding time and determining if that acquisition is right for me. And maybe the biggest question, can I leave the bride at the alter. This session will provide direction. This session is for owners and investors that are considering acquisitions as a growth alternative.

Questions Answered

Why should a company go the acquisition route? What unexpected pitfalls have the panelists encountered? What would entice you to pay more for a transaction? What direction do you see valuations going.

Insights into the SMB Customer Experience to Increase Wallet Share for Cloud Services

Speaker: Kellie Green, Parallels, VP Worldwide Support

Focus on how superior service and support affect the customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. This session presents new market research looking at the customer lifecycle from the point of sale, to onboarding to support, showing what matters and when selling new cloud services to existing customers. New research will address such as what forms of customer support are needed for cloud services compared to traditional hosting services? Does existing loyalty or satisfaction with a provider correlate to intent to buy additional cloud services? Attend to get the analysis plus get strategies and recommendations for your support and operational team

Questions Answered

New research will address such as what forms of customer support are needed for cloud services compared to traditional hosting services? Does existing loyalty or satisfaction with a provider correlate to intent to buy additional cloud services?

Content: moving the edge of the network

Speaker: Robert DeVita, Cologix, General Manager
Track: Technology

Mobile applications & fiber to the home deployments continue to push content and applications to the edge. We will discuss the migration of edge locations from the big 5 cities into Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.

Questions Answered

Where is the edge now? still in NY, VA, CHI, LA SF? How are fiber deployments and fiber to the home effecting how consumers ingest content? As content migrates closer to the edge where are we seeing the most growth? What cities are becoming the next Tier 1 cities? How is google fiber changing the game for LEC's and MSO's?

What To Look For When Choosing Your Cloud Provider

Speaker: Andy Singleton, Masergy, Director of Product Management

As enterprises look to migrate critical applications to the cloud, it is important that they carefully vet their cloud platform provider - selecting one that can deliver the reliability, security and guaranteed performance needed to run applications with speed and efficiency. There are many necessary factors to consider, such as provider experience, technical expertise, interoperability, customer service and customization. Another is the ability to scale globally wherever and whenever needed, to provide the flexibility, redundancy and real time replication for cloud service expansion and disaster recovery/business continuity efforts. Cloud platforms integrated into global purpose-built networks not only meet this need, but also eliminate the typically required physical interconnections – instead allowing enterprises to take advantage of a virtual path for instant, software-enabled cloud service access. This session will review in detail the capabilities enterprises should look for when choosing their cloud provider to achieve an optimal application experience around the world.

Questions Answered

What should enterprises look for when selecting a cloud provider? What criteria are important?

How Compliance Can Be A Deal-Maker, Not a Deal Breaker

Speaker: Jon Frankel, ZwillGen PLLC, Senior Privacy Counsel

To be competitive in today's market, hosting providers need to be knowledgeable about a wide variety of privacy, data security and surveillance laws.This session will provide a legal primer for both CIOs and business developers on how to comply with these laws and and how to use compliance as a differentiator in the marketplace to generate customer trust and more business.

Questions Answered

* What are the legal and regulatory issues that hosting providers must be aware of in order to be competitive in the marketplace? * What are the hot legal issues that customers are worried about today? * How can I can use the concerns about data breaches and government requests for information to my advantage? * How can I use compliance as a differentiator in the marketplace?

Emerging Cyber Threats: A New Opportunity for Hosting and Data Center Providers

Speaker: Ashley Stephenson, Corero Network Security, CEO

Hosted environments, being multi-tenant in nature, are extremely susceptible to DDoS attacks and other cyber threats. These threats are designed to impact the ability to service customers, or to infringe on the security of their information. Enhancing your security infrastructure with on-premise protection allows for “always-on” defense against DDoS attacks, ensuring your customers retain maximum uptime. Join this session to better understand how to turn a major challenge into a new revenue-generating, value- added service opportunity.

Questions Answered

Today's Threat Landscape and Building a Safe Cloud

Speaker: Piero DePaoli, Symantec, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing
Track: Issues and Trends

Despite an incredibility toxic threat landscape, many organizations are either moving or considering moving core applications and data to the cloud. Cloud Service Providers have the unique opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competition if they can make their customers feel safer using their service versus someone else's. This session will focus on current threat landscape trends and the best practices and pitfalls that cloud services providers should consider when building their cloud services.

Questions Answered

Top Ten Cloud Fails - and how to avoid them

Speaker: Ditlev Bredahl, OnApp, CEO

Behind every cloud success story there are failures that almost cost everything… In this panel, some of the first hosts to move to the cloud will re-live their own cold-sweat moments, and talk candidly about what they’d do differently if they had to do it again today. From technical niggles to problems that could have derailed the whole business, they'll discuss how they overcame their challenges to become the successful providers they are today.

Questions Answered

What makes the difference between a successful cloud host and an also-ran? What did the successful guys do differently? What challenges did they face along the way, and what can other hosts learn from their experiences?

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